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Sci-Fi Feature Film with Iwan Rheon,Andre Hennicke Director Christian Pasquariello
Premiere on 07.12.2017

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Toronto Film Review: ‘Papillon’


Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman were at the height of their stardoms in 1973, and Franklin J. Schaffner’s original “Papillon” film that year was a prestige vehicle scaled for greatness — at two-and-a-half hours that felt longer, treating its epic tale too solemnly for some tastes. Nonetheless, its somewhat self-conscious gravity has aged well.

In almost every respect, Danish director Michael Noer’s remake — which as “inspired by true events” credits equally real-life protagonist Henri Charrière’s memoirs and the earlier screenplay as sources — is a humbler enterprise, although still ambitious and impressive enough. New stars Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek are neither burdened nor burnished by already-iconic star status; this brisker telling is less pretentious if also less distinctive as large-scale filmmaking. In the end, what matters most is that the principally unchanged story of survival in colonial French Guiana remains a compelling one, no less when played as a relatively straightforward action-suspense saga rather than as a gargantuan allegory about the Indomitable Human Spirit.

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The shooting was finished

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working on ‘Papillon’ Remake

director Michael Noer
with Rami Malek and Charlie Hunnam

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Berlin Station Premieres - 16th Oktober

Berlin Station

"Berlin Station“ original tv show for EPIX 10 episodes produced by Paramount/36. Babelsberg Film with Richard Jenkins,Richard Armitage Rhys Ifans,Michelle Forbes,Leland Orser,Caroline Goodall

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Nebel im August Premieres - 29th September 2016

Nebel im August

Actors: Sebastian Koch ,David Bennent,Ivo Piettzcker,Fritzi Haberland,Jule Hermann..
Director: Kai Wessel  Verleih von Canal Plus Bayrischer Filmpreis Beste Regie 2016

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